19th February
10:30h a 10:50h

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Make the most of your LMS in STEM subjects

How can you make your digital classroom “understand” math and science?
The challenges of creating math-language activities or quizzes must focus on meeting the needs of teachers and students. But also on improving the use and efficiency of digital learning platforms. And these two objectives are possible: Wiris Quizzes allows you to enrich the teaching-learning process from your own LMS. From the improvement in the quality of resources, the evaluation of the student, and the commitment of teachers and students in continuous learning.

Ramon Eixarch Wiris

Ramón Eixarch

Co-founder and CEO of WIRIS. He has a degree in Mathematics and he is an expert in the use of technology in the mathematics teaching-learning process, with special guidance in online and distance scenarios. His career has always had as its main objective the improvement of math and science tools in education, makeing mathematical language and writing possible in digital environments.