19th February
10:30h a 10:50h
Room 1

Learn how to evaluate or evaluate how to learn? aulaPlaneta escape room: evaluation as a game

Evaluations mark how we teach and how our students learn. We must consider evaluation as a key tool for enhancing learning and we will discover how to achieve this with an escape room. Let’s gamify evaluations.

Aulaplaneta paloma muñoz

Paloma Muñoz 
Head of the Teacher Support and Customer Experience Department in aulaPlaneta

She has a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona. Developing her work as a Pedagogical Advisor at aulaPlaneta, she captures the needs and motivations of the schools that work with aulaPlaneta’s tools and internally articulates the necessary improvement to support teachers and the management team in educational transformation.

Judit Crespo aulaplaneta

Judit Crespo
Head of Teaching at the Teacher Training Department in aulaPlaneta

She has a degree in Pedagogy and a Master’s degree in Learning Difficulties and Language Disorders. She works as a link between the school and the development team, identifying the needs and use of teachers to teach, later designing and developing digital content and tools and adapting to aulaPlaneta’s approach.