11:20h to 11:40h

ONMAT: The new high school maths

“Many of today’s students will hold professions that do not yet exist. That is why we must prepare them to successfully take on the uncertain future that awaits them.”

ONMAT is the mathematics for secondary school program by tekman. It takes a different approach, working on mathematics through multiple intelligences in an appealing, context-based and challenging way. The goal is for students to take responsibility for their own learning and have the ability to be creative and decisive, adapting to the world around them.

This program fosters the four competences of the future: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Developing these skills will enable students to successfully take on any situation or problem which may arise in their personal or professional life.

The use of technology, student autonomy, personalized learning and game-like activities are among the core pillars of ONMAT, the mathematics revolution!

Enric del Pozo 

Enric del Pozo is the CEO and Founder of Tekman Education, a pioneer in the creation of content for pedagogical innovation and classroom support. With a presence in more than 1,000 schools in Spain and Latin America, Tekman is a benchmark in the development of learning through multiple intelligences and the personalization of teaching.