12:00h to 12:20h

Device management
and security in a tablet
environment with

Technology has turned into a great current society shaper. This factor pushes educational centers to teach their students how to make use of existing technological means in a useful and responsible way.

Because of this fact, the necessity of handling safety and technological resources emerges, and robust solutions become essential in order to make full use of these tools in the classroom.

This presentation will focus on revealing the way to manage a one-to-one tablet-based proposal, dealing with safety and mobile device groups management thanks to Samsung KNOX implement, a Hardware based system possessing an unrivalled steadiness.

Miguel Ángel Savall  
Head of educational projects with technological base at FOREDU

Miguel Ángel Savall is a Computing Engineer, graduated at the Valencian Polytechnic University and Doctorated at the CEU-UCH University.

He currently works as an IT and Math teacher at a CAES school, which is specialized in social exclusion endangered and war refugee youths education. Furthermore, he is in charge of Samsung educational endeavors in Foredu, a firm focused on technological developments implementation at educational establishments.

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