10:55h to 11:15h

Evaluation: evidence and indicators in real time on mobile

So, how do we manage the evaluation process without falling into tedious and bureaucratic tasks? The time of educators must be dedicated to tasks of high added value.

Is it possible to record evidences and evaluation indicators in a fast and non-invasive way, but with a high educational impact? How to transform our mobile devices into allies (the same ones we use daily) to exploit these data and make them accessible to the educational community?

We will present a single format that allows taking records of students and their activity, and in turn, evaluate our task, regulating our teaching processes. We will see how to take real-time records in the classroom through mobile devices, and how to exploit these data in a report system accessible to the entire educational community.

Carles Suero 
Educational Director at Educaria

Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Barcelona. He began his professional career as a professor of Mathematics and Physics, assuming at the same time responsibilities in the use of new technologies applied to teaching. Then he changed sector to consulting applied to knowledge management software in GECSA, a company with a strong international expansion. He led the development of large projects in France and the UK (Volkswagen Group).

He returned to the educational sector as director of the Pere Vergés school in Barcelona; pioneer in didactics and social organization of students. Among other projects, it started the largest tablet implantation in the Spanish state in a 1×1 model. Since 2015 he is the Education Director of the Educaria group, leading the development of the company in Latin America. In addition, she directs the postgraduate course “Specialist in Educational Leadership in Centers in Process of Change and Innovation” organized by Catholic Schools of Madrid.

Tere Vida 
Pedagogical Advisor at Educaria

Diploma in infant and primary education from the University of Barcelona. She is specialized in the management of educational and digital innovation projects, with more than 15 years of experience in this field. She is currently a pedagogical consultant for Educaria, where she leads processes of implementation of the Alexia Classroom learning environment in educational centers.
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