10:30h to 10:50h

ADIMAT, Artificial Intelligence for maths learning 

ADIMAT is an adaptive environment for learning curricular mathematics in elementary school. It was developed with the impetus of Google for Education and is based on neuropsychological and cognitive models.

ADIMAT’s activities are designed to train the specific cognitive processes of mathematics and to build an efficient neural network based on the latest advances in neuroscience.

Its artificial intelligence gives it the ability to interact with the response of each student, providing him or her with necessary help by dealing with the mistake in a personalised way.

Adimat enables students to be aware of their learning process and their cognitive model. Likewise, teachers can follow the evolution of the class and each student’s activity in real time.

Taking all ADIMAT’s suggestions and options into account, teachers have a professional tool that enables them to make personalised decisions attending to the diversity of the classroom.

Eva Pedret 
Pedagogical Advisor

Degree in Pedagogy. Since 2012 he collaborates in the realization of editorial projects and customized training. She is currently a teacher and pedagogical consultant in educational strategy and innovation in edebé.

Roger Ballus 
Subdirector de la Escuela IPSE / Director Pedagógico

Graduated in Chilhood and Primary Education by the Ramon Llull University and currently taking a Masters in Leadership in Pedagogical Innovation and Management of Educational Centers by the same university. Four years ago, the educational project of the Ipse school was raffled, focusing on the integral training of students based on individualized attention and personalization of the learning that is developed from cooperative work, the use of TACs and the interdisciplinarity of the educational proposals of the classroom.

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