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Mò plan

Mò is a Catalan Ministry of Education plan led by the General Directorate for Digital Innovation, Research and Design.

The purpose of the plan is to develop a digital education coverage framework to generate work environments in the schools of Catalonia that support the acquisition of digital competence befitting the 21st century, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Union and UNESCO.

It is a digital plan that prioritises the use of mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets) as educational technologies, integrated into classroom activities so students can acquire digital competence and improve their other skills.

The plan is part of the three areas of innovation defined by the Catalan Ministry of Education’s Innovation Commission:

–  Scope 1: methodologies and resources for improving teaching and learning
–  Scope 2: educational organisation and management
–  Scope 3: the educational community’s relationship and cooperation with the surroundings.

Ana Albalat 
subdirector of Digital Research and Culture

The subdirector of Digital Research and Culture for the Government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Education, she was previously a secondary school technology teacher for 10 years and a technical teaching advisor co-coordinating the STEAMcat pedagogical innovation programme in the Catalan Ministry of Education’s Subdirectorate for Innovation, Training and Guidance. She has a degree in Industrial Design Engineering and a Master’s degree in Education and ICT (e-learning) and has completed postgraduate programmes in education centre management and in gender equality policy in public administration. She has also completed studies and has related work experience in art, design and theatre.

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