12:00h to 12:20h

Maths, every problem has a solution

Presentation of matic, an adaptive tool for learning mathematics that helps students to acquire the necessary fluency, self-confidence and motivation to learn how to apply them and cope with challenges in the real world.

Cristina Esteve Deu 
Head of Training and the aulaPlaneta Educational Community

Cristina Esteve Deu, Head of the Training Department and of the aulaPlaneta Educational Community, a graduate in Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy from the University of Barcelona.
She designs, organises, coordinates and delivers face-to-face and online training courses and seminars on active methodologies and educational strategies for teachers in schools in Spain, Mexico and Colombia and for the International University of Valencia.
Work with teachers accompanying them in practically applying strategies and methodologies in the classroom including training, making observations, performing evaluations and providing educational advice.

Mireia Pi Hernández 
Head of Education and Product areas 

A researcher of the Communication and Education Office and professor of educators in the Master’s programme in Education and Communication at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), she has published various reports on the use of technology and pedagogy in the classroom.
She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She also holds a Master’s degree in Journalism Research (UAB) and a Master’s in Marketing Management from Ramon Llull University.

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