Dra. Luz Rello


Luz Rello is founder and CEO of Change Dyslexia as well as Systems Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. She was the first Spanish person to receive the European Young Researchers’ Award, and her research, focused on applying technology for dyslexia, has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 List, Ashoka Fellow, Innovators Under 35 of MIT Technology Review, Princess of Girona Award granted by the Kings of Spain and the New Researcher Award granted by the International Dyslexia Association.

She has a degree in Linguistics, a Master’s degree in Natural Language Processing and a PhD in Computer Science. She is co-author of a book in Spanish (two impressions), 8 articles in indexed journals, 33 articles in first-level congresses, two chapters of a book, co-editor of 2 conference proceedings, and co-autors of another 43 publications. According to Google Academics, his work consists of around 1000 citations, with an approximate index of 18.

She is currently working on large-scale dyslexia detection —Dytective Test— and intervention —DytectiveU and DytectiveU PRO— using artificial intelligence. To bring these tools to society, she has founded Change Dyslexia. The online dyslexia test Dytective Test has been used more than 170,000 times – becoming the most used online dyslexia test – and its advertising spot won a Bronze Lion at Cannes (Cyber).

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