KEYNOTE SPEAKER | 19 FEBRUARY 2021 | 9:00 – 10:30

Geoff Petty


Evidence Based Teaching: How to structure the learning of a topic

Some teaching strategies massively improve learning, and we know which ones. The evidence comes from hundreds of thousands of randomised control trials, from cognitive science, and from the best teachers. What does this evidence tell us about how IT should be used to teach effectively? A key issue is how learning is structured, and which high power method is used when.

Geoff Petty is author of ‘Teaching Today’ (5th edition) a best-selling teacher training text in the UK, and ‘Evidence Based Teaching’ which summarises the extensive research on the best teaching methods strategies and techniques, which was updated with a new title in 2019: ‘How to Teach Even Better: an evidence based approach’. All are published by Oxford University Press. He is also author of ‘How to be better at Creativity’ 2nd ed (2017).

He has a reputation for explaining issues concerning learning and teaching in a very practical, down to earth, but lively and inspiring way. His books have been translated into eight languages including Chinese and Russian, and his ideas are used at a national level in Britain, Romania and Lithuania.

He has led more than 600 whole-day training sessions in colleges and schools with all their teachers, usually on the most effective teaching methods, and on how to improve teaching in an evidence based way.  His training days are followed by all teachers doing ‘Supported Experiments’ discussed in small teams, in order to help teachers embed the methods teachers liked in the training, into their normal practice.

His website,, is very popular all over the world.

He is @geoffreypetty on twitter where he concentrates on environmental issues as well as education.