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The week before the congress you will receive your ticket (includes QR code) by e-mail. Please, remember to print it and bring your ID or passport because it will be your badge for the congress.

Ticket options

Educational Centre 85€

From December 28th 125€

Ticket includes access to all the sessions and workshops. Organization does not offer lunch service.

Price exempt from value added tax (VAT) under article 20.1.9 of 37/1992 Value Added Tax Act

General Attendant 170€

From December 28th 210€

Ticket includes access to all the sessions and workshops. Organization does not offer lunch service.

Price exempt from value added tax (VAT) under article 20.1.9 of 37/1992 Value Added Tax Act

Networking - Lunch February 18th 26€

From December 28th 36€

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1. General Information of the Website

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In no case the existence of Linked Sites must require the formalization of agreements between EDUTECH CLUSTER and the responsible or holders of neither the same, nor the recommendation or promotion of Linked Sites and/or their contents by EDUTECH CLUSTER.

Unless the contrary is expressly stated in the Website, EDUTECH CLUSTER does not know the contents and services of the Linked Sites and, therefore, is not liable for the damages of its unlawfulness, quality, failure to update, unavailability, error or uselessness that could produce to the User or any third party.

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EDUTECH CLUSTER does not represent or maintain commercial agreements with the brand owners of the product that it commercialises.

EDUTECH CLUSTER communicates the USERS that wish to subscribe to the mentioned talks in the Website that any material delivered to EDUTECH CLUSTER will be the property of its author according to the current legislation of intellectual property.

In any case, the User manifests that the material submitted to EDUTECH CLUSTER does not violate the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property of third parties. The User commits to hold EDUTECH CLUSTER completely harmless of any sentence, penalty or claim that EDUTECH CLUSTER could suffer due to the non-fulfilment by the User of third party’s author’s rights. 

6. Hiring Conditions

Once the User has selected the event offered through the Website, this shall fill in the form with the following details.

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Telephone
  • Education centre or company

When filling the form, the User will be driven to the virtual payment page (TPV) from the entity Banc de Sabadell, having to fill in the credit/debit card details and proceeding to the payment of the selected event.

The User will receive, at the email address designed in the form of the register, an email confirming the correct completion of the purchase process with the information related to the event for which the User has bought the tickets.

7. Invalidity and inefficiency of the clauses

If any clause included in the present General Conditions was declared totally or partially invalid or inefficient it will only affect such disposition or part of the same that result invalid or inefficient, the rest of present General Conditions will subsist, considering such disposition totally or partially not included. 

8. Applicable legislation

These General Conditions will be ruled and interpreted according to the Spanish legislation.

9. Competent jurisdiction 

In case of dispute between EDUTECH CLUSTER and the User, this will be able to take legal action before the Spanish courts corresponding to the address of EDUTECH CLUSTER, or the courts where the User has his address.

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