ITworldEdu 18-19th February 2021

ITworldEdu is a summit on technological innovation in education that brings together the highest representatives of the sector for the purpose of discovering educational solutions and reflecting together in the educational world.

In this edition we will address how ICTs should respond to educational needs with the aim of serving the entire educational ecosystem from all sides.

We must be able to use ICTs as a complement and essential support for:

  • Promoting more contextualised and meaningful teaching and learning
  • Raising a more formative evaluation that facilitates continuous monitoring of the learning process
  • Managing the work environment and necessary resources more flexibly and efficiently

Other advantages that ICTs can offer us and that have been shared in the last two decades include: flexibility with space and time, adaptation to different paces of learning, the possibility of following more personalised schedules based on training needs and starting points for trainees.

Educational resources are still based on a very textual perspective, and for a real transformation of the educational system we need to include ICTs more intensively and decisively to harness all its multi-format and multi-channel potential to create a multiplier effect, as well as the ability to respond immediately with more personalised attention.

The Edutech Cluster is organising ITworldEdu in collaboration with Eurecat

What’s new at the 12nd edition

Main themes

Main themes

  • Personalisation of learning
  • Formative evaluation (ePortfolio, peer review, rubrics, self-evaluation)
  • Active and immersive learning (PBL, flipped classroom, GBL, etc.)
  • Learning through virtual and augmented reality
  • Authentic activities
  • Evidence based learning (EBL)
  • Design and development of digital learning resources
  • Digital competence of teachers and students
  • ICT-managed centre and resources

Exhibition space

ITworldEdu will once again have an exhibition space so attendees can see all the sponsors’ news and projects first-hand.

If you are interested in exhibiting, you have more information at “Sponsorship opportunities”.

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