Clickedu is a tool designed from and for schools, since there has never been, strictly speaking, a department of research and development in the company, but the whole workforce is oriented towards the service of the schools.

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Iddink Spain, a subsidiary company of the Iddink Group, offers its services to almost 300 schools. All of them have trusted Iddink to provide educational content for their students, as well as the management of their school´ reutilization projects (ecoBooks). These projects allow students to have easy access to all their learning materials – textbooks, readings, digital licenses, exercise books, robotics equipment, dossiers, etc. – with significant economic savings and ecological benefits. After 10 years of continuous growth, in the 2019-2020 academic year, more than 87,000 students in Spain are using Iddink services.


Clickedu is a tool that makes easy the continuous improvement, thought from and for the schools. We work in a service-oriented way. We always listen to the needs of the schools, we understand them with the assistance of education professionals, we analyze them from a technological point of view, we program them efficiently and safely and we make them available to managers, teachers, students and families. We also provide continuous training for schools and we come along with them in the methodological change.
With the support of more than seven hundred customers who share our desire to innovate, who trust us and who talk about Clickedu with even more enthusiasm than ourselves, we are at the forefront of ICT.
Clickedu is part of the Iddink Group since 2019.


Qualiteasy Internet Solutions, 20 years in the market.

Business lines:

  • Security Products from Faronics Inc .;
    For 15 years we are the importing company of its products throughout Spain, such as the Deep Freeze: The market-leading patented reboot to restore technology.
  • Own Software for the Management of Quality and Excellence;
    Companies from all economic sectors have relied on our Qualiteasy Flash Cloud 7.21 software to manage the quality and excellence (ISO, EFQM, …) of their organization.
  • Clickedu;
    With this company, we have a strategic agreement. The Clickedu platform is undoubtedly the best and most complete school management system in the market.

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