Alexia, a management platform with more than 1,200 user centers and Xtend, its personalized learning environment, offer a unique solution for all the economic and academic management, communication, teaching and learning processes that take place in an educational center.

Developed by Educaria and totally web, Alexia is used by over 1,200 education centres. It provides flexibility in all administration areas: invoicing, outstanding payments, sales, accounting, evaluation, classroom programming, student follow-up, communication (web and app), integration with educational suites (G Suite and Office 365) etcetera. It features a scorecard for extracting centre and/or grouping indicators.

Furthermore, its Xtend learning environment based in Moodle enables you to create classrooms and workshops which students and professors can share in their teaching and learning activities, integrate contents from different sources and also features tools for implementing active methodologies.

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